From first time home buyers to the seasoned seller, we represent a variety of corporations and individuals in the greater Chicago area with residential real estate concerns. Robin Kramer & Matt Herbeck are experienced real estate lawyers that can help you close your real estate transactions.


Residential Real Estate Closings

When it comes to your residential real estate closing, you want everything to go according to plan. Whether you are an individual buyer, seller, realtor or a loan officer, an experienced attorney can help you through the real estate closing process. At the Warrenville Law Offices of Kramer & Herbeck, we can help you with every aspect of your real estate closing.

We handle all closings on a flat fee basis. If your transaction doesn’t close, you will not have to pay any fees.

Short Sales

Mortgages can be hard to manage due to a variety of financial or personal hardships. Too many people are willing to accept foreclosures before considering other options. If the foreclosure of your home seems imminent, you may want to consider a short sale. If a homeowner owes more money on their home than it is worth and can establish a hardship, we can negotiate with the bank to accept a payoff that is less than is owed.

If you are a realtor who is tired of dealing with the hassle of negotiating short sales, let our firm negotiate for you. We have successfully negotiated short sales with all of the major lenders including but by no means limited to Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, GMAC, PNC and Aurora Financial Services.

We do not charge an upfront fee to Sellers for our negotiating services.

Property Owner & Landlord Assistance

If you are a residential property owner or landlord with legal concerns, you want a lawyer who can guide you through the legal process and provide you with real answers. For many new landlords and property owners, their residential real estate concerns do not end with the finalization of their transactions. There are always concerns for property owners, such as what to do with nonpaying or holdover tenants. At the Law Offices of Kramer & Herbeck, we provide counsel for residential property owners throughout the Chicago suburbs, including landlord assistance, evictions, and lease reviews.


Like any property concern, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle evictions. If you are a residential property owner, we can help you obtain a forcible detainer. Evictions involve drafting and serving the notice, preparing and filing the eviction complaint, going to court, obtaining the order of possession, and following through to make sure the sheriff’s office takes action. We will help you through the entire process to make sure your eviction is handled properly.

Small Business Collections

From debt collection to small claims and money judgments, a small business collections attorney can help your business collect the full extent of money you are owed. If you fail to take care of your collection properly, you may face more challenges down the road. We help small businesses throughout the Chicago suburbs take the right action to take care of their claims.

If you are incorporated as a business in Illinois, you are required to have a small business collections attorney represent you if you would like to file a lawsuit. When you would like to file a small claims or real estate lawsuit, we can guide you through the legal process, protect your rights, and make sure you get the full extent of money you deserve.

While all claims require a lawyer, these cases do not have to be difficult. For many businesses, they do not involve large sums of money. Many of the cases we handle fall into small claims or mandatory arbitration, which moves very fast. Do not be discouraged by the amount of time involved in filing a small claim. Talk to us, and find out what you can expect from the entire process. From obtaining money judgments to collecting on unpaid invoices, we understand what to expect from these cases.