Attorney Matt Herbeck

matt-herbeckFrom the age of 12, Matt wanted to be an attorney. The images and lifestyles of attorneys that were portrayed on TV and in the movies seemed interesting and exciting. Then at the age of 15, Matt started taking tennis lessons with a local tennis pro who turned out to be Robin Kramer. When he learned Robin was an attorney as well as a terrific tennis player and coach, he was absolutely sure he wanted pursue a career in law as well.

After receiving bachelor degrees in political science and Spanish from Miami University, Matt went on to study law at the University of Dayton. Like so many law school graduates, his first few years out of law school saw him as a legal aid, intern and clerk. Coincidently, when Matt went looking for his next opportunity, he contacted Robin who, at the time, had a growing practice in need of a hardworking attorney. That’s when the relationship that started so many years earlier on the tennis court, came full circle.

Today, Matt’s responsibilities as Associate Attorney include handling all files from 30-days to close, buyer and seller deals and closings, as well as debt negotiation. Matt is a savvy negotiator with the necessary skills and know-how to speed the process and get deals closed quickly.

Outside of his work life, Matt likes to travel whenever possible. Of course he is still a big sports enthusiast, who likes to watch, support, and participate in sports whenever possible. In addition to tennis, Matt plays golf and is also a fitness-boxing trainer. As Matt puts it, “Life is a game. Not necessarily to be competitive, but to always play to the best of your ability.”